Thursday, June 2, 2016

Episode 13 Recap

Well, that's a wrap, folks! Our 13th episode is in the bag and that marks the end of our 2015-16 broadcast season. I had an awesome time chatting with Jen Adams, the technology coach from Scarborough High School, about the new maker space they created this year. It was a short, but jam packed episode with lots of resources and good tips to get started and be successful. I highly recommend watching the rebroadcast below to see the cool projects that Jen has been working on this year and hear all about the awesome stuff their are going. The show notes, including links to the resources she mentions, are below the video. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do!

Thank you to everyone who watched this year and a huge hug to everyone who came on as guest speakers. We'll be back on September 1st with a new year of About TIME & Beyond!

Episode 013 Link for this Agenda


  • Susie Simmons: Technology Coach (6-12) for Bonny Eagle Schools, Certified Trainer for Google Apps for Education, Member of the Google Classroom Experts Team 
  • Mike Arsenault: Instructional Technology Integrator at Frank H. Harrison Middle School in Yarmouth, Certified Innovator for Google Apps for Education


  • Jen Adams, Technology Coach at Scarborough High School, sharing about her Maker Space 
  • High school technology instructional coach, former grades 3 & 4 looping teacher and STEAM lead teacher in Scarborough, ME; geocacher, musician, creative thinker 
  • Twitter: @TheMaineTeacher
  • First year with a MakerSpace at Scarborough High School 
  • Incorporated into their library space, which is transitioning to a learning commons 
  • Team work between Jen and the librarian 


  • Ruth’s 
  • Part of the library budget 
  • Local donations 


  • Very basic 
  • Soldering Iron 
  • 3D printers in the future 
  • Want them to work with NinjaFlex Filament, which is flexible 
  • MakeyMakey Kits 
  • CircuitScribe, received by another teacher in her school via grant money 

Student Buy In

  • Pulling the kids that always hung out in the library 
  • Learning techniques with the students (ie soldering) 
  • One particular class, a computer tech class, has bought into the MakerSpace 
  • Bringing the resources into the classroom 


Lessons Learned from this Year

  • Make a Plan 
  • Organize organize organize 
  • Don’t collect stuff just to have it; have a clear idea for the stuff you are bringing in 
  • Each project gave a lot of lessons and each got better than the last 
  • Think about what is already happening in your school and curriculum and then look for ways to support what they are doing through your makerspace 
  • Eco-conscious? Look towards reusing. 
  • Projects focusing on specific topics 
  • Use that to help focus what is going on, but don’t let it determine the only stuff you’re doing 

Programming Experience

  • Not much beyond Scratch 
  • Many resources to grab code from 
  • CodeBender for cloud based coding (Susie recommends as another option) 
  • What are you coding 
  • Glittering neopixel crown with soldering; run with Gemma from Adafruit 


  • Lead solder, for example 
  • Working towards formulating policies 
  • Collaboration 
  • Different trains of thoughts between the two parties involved 

Additional Resources

Continuing Discussion

  • The role of technology in education degree programs in higher ed (pre-service teacher preparation) 
  • Update from Mike ( 
  • #pstmaine and #edchatme Twitter Chat on 03/14/16 at 8:30PM 
  • Interested in helping out?

Wrap Up

  • Upcoming professional development opportunities
  • Looking ahead to next year… 
  • Get in touch with Susie ( or Mike ( if you are interested in chatting about something or contributing in any way. 

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities


MLTI Professional Development (Apple Solutions):
MLTI Professional Development (HP Solution):
Tech Sherpas - Tuesday 3pm
#EdChatME - Mondays 8:30-9:30pm

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