Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Episode #4 is Coming Next Week! (Rescheduled)

I always get to this time of year amazed at how fast the summer has flown by. And how little I got accomplished from my endless to do list in the past 2 months. Much can be said about our 4th episode of "About TIME & Beyond!" which was previously scheduled for this afternoon. Mike and I decided to move it ahead to next week to give everyone a bit more time to get settled in to the year (and me a bit more time to get my head in the game).

We have a bunch of topics on the agenda including ISTE 2015, the MLTI Summer Conference, and any other PD you have taken advantage of this summer as well as chatting about our summer book club book "Teach Like a Pirate!". We'll also be continuing our chat about teacher preparedness for our technology rich classrooms. Have something you'd like to chat about? Add it as a comment on our show page to join in the fun!

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